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When I first began the MINDSPACE Project, I had no idea where it was going. The first experiment was to create a sound that I would enjoy listening to using one note.

That sound was then shaped and molded to have a unique characteristic reflective of its form. Then, the sounds of other instruments began to speak within this form using many different characteristics.

After listening to Sphere 1 repetitively, I began seeing a sphere vibrating to the colors and characteristics of the root sound or theme, in the recording. The repetitive ambient sound playing in the background. I was seeing the sphere as a living form, changing and moving to reflect the sound.

Then, as I began to hear the other instruments, I was immediately transported to the center of the sphere, completely encased in it. Each instrument sounded like a smaller form inside this sphere communicating. Many times it would sound melodic and at other times unorganized, but always harmonious.

I sat there and just listened, watching all of this and began to sing as if I was communicating with these sounds. Like sitting on a bench and whistling to the birds.


If this is your first time learning about HRV Musical Experiences, please refer to the following Quickstart Guide.

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