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This guide is meant to help familiarize us with a general idea of what the HRV Experiences are, their purpose and how they can help us in our experience.

Each recording is created with the intention of expressing an experience, where we can retract our focus from our usual experience and direct it in a way that enhances our perception while creating a very calm and peaceful state.

This is done by creating recordings of sounds that are set to a specific timing. Our breathing is then synchronized to that timing and our heart rate is reduced while introducing a very deep meditative state. The reason they are referred to as HRV Experiences is because one of the physical signs of the changes can be measured through something that is referred to as Heart Rate Variability. The longer we listen to and breath to the recordings, the more our Heart Rate Variability will increase.

In simplest of understanding, when we breath in, our heart rate increases. When we breath out, our heart rate decreases. If our exhales are longer than our inhales, we are slowing the heart rate more and more with each breath. After a certain period of time, which varies from person to person, the body and mind begins to express signs of changes.

These experiences have been described as being peaceful, liberating, expansive.

To perform the practice is very simple.

The first step is to determine the most ideal breath rate for your HRV Experience.

The most ideal breath rate is going to be the lowest you can perform comfortably. At a pace where you do not feel like you are holding your breath.

Be sure that breathing is done from the abdomen and not the chest. Your stomach should go out and in not your chest.

Use the following video to help you determine your ideal breath rate.

Once you have determined your most ideal breath rate, go to the HRV Experiences Catalog and choose the experience that you wish to explore.

Enjoy! <3

Please be sure to subscribe to both the YouTube Channel as well as on this website in order to stay informed of new videos and articles as they are released. My intention is to use this site as a way to communicate ideas and information behind each creation and other tools of expansion.

Much love in your experience!

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