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Updated: May 17, 2022

Around 6 months ago, Hermione and I began a new adventure with her decision to become a traveling nurse. Since then, our lives have been about constant change and learning to adapt from moment to moment.

The experience has been amazing and we absolutely love it but I am still learning how to be more consistent with a consistent lack of consistency. lol

Prior to all of this, we were in a more stationary setting where I had a more fixed schedule. I would perform my usual daily practices, focus on bodybuilding and training while having ample time to dedicate to music. With all of the change now, living in temporary locations, keeping things in storage, going to different gyms and having to look for ways to address situations that were not a concern in previous locations, life has been very exciting.

One thing that is very noticeable is how the environment affects how we experience and perceive it and vice versa as well as how we are projecting/reflecting in it. The constant change has been a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow. One of those areas where I am seeing this is in the music that is being created.

Around 2 years ago, I started creating HRV Musical Experiences as a way to share what it is like to be meditative for those of us that have difficulties sitting in silence. This was an experiment at that time and I moved on to focus on creating other smaller musical projects. After a year or so the recordings became more popular and some brothers and sisters were submitting requests to have specific ones created.

When we moved to our first travel assignment 6 months ago, Ottumwa Iowa, it was in the middle of winter, cold and eventually we experienced a good amount of snow. We were also living in a town with a population of about 25k, with the closest larger city being Des Moines about 2 hours away.

We spent a bit of time at home during this assignment and I was drawn to focus on creating something a little more abstract. A first I thought I was going to create an ambient recording but what came out of it was different. This was the creation of the MINDSPACE Project series.

When we moved to our next assignment, Salisbury Maryland, I wanted to keep the momentum going from MINDSPACE Sphere 3 and create another MINDSPACE recording but I never managed to complete it. Each time I went back to it I simply was not "feeling" it as one would say. Since we have moved here I have felt more vibrant, more strength, more upbeat. While many of us have gone through a tremendous amount of change over the past few months, in my experience, it has influenced what I am creating, as all change does.

When I sat down to write again, I created a drum rhythm with the djembe that reminded me of what I used to play at drum circles. From there it continued to build it up but I decided to keep it simple, unlike the complexity that was involved in the MINDSPACE Project.

I have been using this rhythm to listen to, breath to as well as sing to throughout the day.

It is my desire and intention, that whomever is looking for this, will find it with ease. Everything we create in this world is being done because there is a need. Someone creates the attractor by their desire and we all either experience it from the perspective of wanting it, creating it, disliking it, being neutral to it or simply not being aware of it.

We have no control over who receives or accepts that which we wish to give, but we do have control over our resistance to its unfolding.

As this is read, I ask, "Do I have any resistances towards giving my all in everything that I do?"

If it is so, it is my desire, through this intention, "Release the resistances that I have created for myself based on the fears that convincingly seem true, rational or logical."

I will listen to Ritual Fire with my intention present and observe as the energies of creation create a path through a wall that was never there to begin with.

If this is the first time being introduced to HRV Experiences or do not know which video to watch below, please start off by using the following guide to determine the most ideal breath rate.

HRV Heart Rate Variability - Finding your ideal Breath Rate (Audio & Video Guide)

Once that has been determined, come back to this page and choose the experience that most ideally matches your comfort level.

If you would like a more detailed explanation and instructions on how to use these HRV experiences, please be sure to check out the following journal entry.

The HRV Experience - A Quickstart Guide


Click here to access the Ritual Fire Playlist

Individual Recordings:

7 Breaths Per Minute

6.75 Breaths Per Minute

6.5 Breaths Per Minute

6.25 Breaths Per Minute

6 Breaths Per Minute

5.75 Breaths Per Minute

5.5 Breaths Per Minute

5.25 Breaths Per Minute

5 Breaths Per Minute

4.75 Breaths Per Minute

4.5 Breaths Per Minute

4.25 Breaths Per Minute

4 Breaths Per Minute

3.75 Breaths Per Minute

3.5 Breaths Per Minute

3.25 Breaths Per Minute

3 Breaths Per Minute

2.75 Breaths Per Minute

2.5 Breaths Per Minute

2.25 Breaths Per Minute

2 Breaths Per Minute

1.75 Breaths Per Minute

1.5 Breaths Per Minute

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